picture credits: shibbi_babi

Good evening, folks! Here is some 16 facts about me, myself and I. I posted this because… Why not? Haha! Well, let’s just get to the point >.< Hope you’ll enjoy it! 😀

1. I love sweet delicacies!
2. Cat lover
3. I am deep and emotional
4. Goofy and silly too
5. Sentimental person
6. I cry easily
7. I don’t like rainy season
8. I prefer sunrise over sunset
9. Tallest among friends haha
10. I dislike messy surroundings but I’m a messy person. Complicated, I know 😛
11. I’m a nature enthusiast 🌴🍁🍃
12. I was an overthinker in the past
13. I dislike noisy places
14. I often doesn’t have self control 😦
15. I have five brothers (but one of them was already up there, in Paradise) and two sisters so that makes we’re eight siblings
16. I always wake up in the middle of the night

Last post for today hehe 🙂


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