picture credit: conallfahey



When I’m silent, I feel uncomfortable.
When I’m silent, I overthink bad things.
When I’m silent, I feel pain.

People always judge you. It’s because they don’t understand you. It’s because they can’t put themselves in your shoes. It always happens to me.

They just don’t understand that when I’m silent, I’m feeling down. And I need someone who will comfort me. Not someone who will trample me down even more. Instead of making me feel better, they’re making it worse.

I hate people who has crab mentality. They won’t stop until they’re satisfied of putting you down. They don’t care if their words will hurt someone because for them? It’s their way of satisfying themselves.

No matter what you are, or what you do. Keep going. Do what you gotta do to make yourself better and better each day of your life. They’ll still criticize you anyway. Learn a lesson from them. It will keep you moving forward.


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